Exploring colour for artful spaces.

An artwork by Arlene Austin is more than paint on a page or a decoration. It evokes emotions and breathes life into the space it inhabits.

Each piece is carefully curated
and chosen for its ability to add depth, character and imagination to its environment.

Arlene’s commitment is to always be authentic, never shy away from having a point of view and to be
open to everyone’s thoughts and interpretations. She is of the strong belief that there is no ‘right’ way to absorb art.

Arlene also creates commissions, so if the right piece doesn’t exist, she’d relish the opportunity to co-create it.

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After years of painting only for herself, Arlene recently decided to be vulnerable and display what had always been private.

It was time to remove the safety net.

It was time to be courageous.

She hopes her artworki inspires others to do the same. To get out of their comfort zone and embrace who they really are.

The artwork

What's new.

Arlene invites you to absorb the art and let it affect you.

Her latest pieces are here to invoke whatever they need to within you.