About the artist.

In a cultural landscape filled with endless experts, in-crowders and talking heads, Arlene Austin prefers to pave her own artistic path where anything is possible, everyone is welcome and being a ‘good artist’ has nothing to do with which school you attended or who you know. 

Arlene has been painting and creating her entire life – it’s been her sanctuary, refuge, and love. Her art expresses her willingness to learn and be influenced by life’s cultural pursuits including art, music, books, movies, interior design, fashion and people.

Creating art without intellectual boundaries, Arlene says “Allows me the freedom to express myself in my own terms. At the end of the day every artist is self-taught, and we are all exposed to limitless influences on the daily. The difference with artists is that we are the absorbers; the sponges - taking elements from the environment and creating our own individual interpretation of that”.

Arlene grew up in Sydney (at a beachside suburb called Maroubra, or as locals call it ‘The Bra'), attended multiple universities studying everything from teaching to philosophy, psychology, and make-up art. She also pursued dancing, drama, and gymnastics on the side. She finally completed a BA in Communications and Public Relations at Charles Sturt University and has since worked in high-profile global roles in branding, marketing, advertising, and design.

With a successful career, supportive husband, family, and friends, four blended children, a dog and a family home in Sydney’s Inner West, life was good. 

Until it wasn’t. 

At the age of 44 (an age we can all agree is young) she had a stroke. It was as callous and sudden as this reads. And of course, completely unexpected.

Overnight everything changed. Rest, recovery, and multiple hospital visits became the status quo. Recovery was gradual and is ongoing but slowly small tasks become possible. After several months, she has been able to return to her love of artmaking. It has become her source of joy, therapy, and escapism. 

Dealt with the sourest of lemons, Arlene made lemonade and decided to start selling the art she’d had under lock and key for such a long time.

Her artwork is colourful, explorative, and abstract, largely using acrylic on canvas with some mixed media elements. Each piece is built on a strong point of view. Driven by narrative rather than tied to a set style or painting method.

Arlene invites you to absorb the art and let it affect you. There is no right or wrong response. Art is meant to divide, cause discussion, and evoke passion. Love or loathe it, come and take a squiz - maybe you’ll find the perfect piece to transform your home or your space, which is the beauty of art.