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Arlene explores the very personal theme of love enduring despite separation. Using vibrant and contrasting colours, the painting represents two divergent paths, symbolising the individuals taking separate paths in life. The artwork evokes a sense of emotion and reflection, inviting the viewers to contemplate the timeless and unbreakable nature of love even in the face of distance and separation.

Using opposing colours and an intricate network of intersecting lines and shapes Arlene captures a visual representation of an everlasting bond that transcends physical presence.

About the limited edition prints

Made to order in Sydney the prints are produced in a small artisan studio where quality and production are the number one priority, with each print being hand-checked and approved before dispatch.

Arlene’s unique prints are available as either 100% acid free 310gsm fine art paper prints or 100% poly-cotton 380gsm fine art canvas prints. 

Paper prints include a small white border.

Print runs are extremely limited to maintain the exclusivity of each piece. Each print is hand signed and numbered to guarantee authenticity. 

Free shipping within Australia.

Flat rate shipping to New Zealand $25AUD other international destination $45AUD.

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