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In Arlene's exploration of the meeting point between the submerged depths and the celestial realm, Arlene delves into the profound parallels between the ocean's mysteries and the complexities of human life.

The artwork presents a captivating vista of the underwater world, where vibrant strokes of blues, greens, and radiant yellows converge to depict the ocean's profound depths. Amidst this dark yet enchanting scene, shards of light Endeavor to burst through, symbolizing resilience and hope amidst the unknown.

Through the interplay of colours and textures, the painting captures the essence of both concepts, evoking a sense of wonder at the intertwined beauty and darkness of these realms. It invites viewers to contemplate the deep-seated connections between our submerged experiences and the vast expanse of human emotions, resonating with a profound sense of introspection and awe.

Blues, greens and pencil drawings

30cm W x 40.3cm H x 1.5cm D

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